Comic 94 - Page eight
1st Jul 2011 in Book one: Chapter five.
Page eight
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Author Notes:
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What Daisy is referring to is, ironically enough, the Russian folk tale of Ivan the Stupid. In which a witch kidnaps Ivan and orders her eldest daughter to cook him to death. The daughter orders Ivan to lay down in the cooking pan, but he kept doing it in such a way that it was impossible to put him in the oven. (Such as putting one foot in the pan and one on the ceiling). Finally Ivan asks the frustrated girl to demonstrate to him the correct way of laying in an oven pan, WHICH SHE DOES, and he promptly shoves her in the oven. The witch, who has been away, returns home to a delicious looking piece of meat and gobbles it up, only to have Ivan jump out, laugh, and inform her she's eating her own daughter.

The story repeats this two more times, because the witch apparently had two more daughters. Instead of, you know, killing Ivan in a murderous rage, she just orders the middle daughter (and later the youngest after the middle was cooked and eaten)to cook Ivan while she goes out on a shopping spree again. Or whatever it is witches do all day. Furthermore, where were the middle and youngest sister when the eldest was dying an agonizing death, likely screaming in pain, as she was being cooked alive? Where was the youngest when the middle was dying? Why didn't the youngest think maybe she should just stab that freaking Ivan or use some witch powers on him? Or, I don't know, leave home because her mother is apparently so incompetent as a parent!?

Anyway, the story ends with the witch trying to cook Ivan herself, only to have the exact same thing happen as with her daughters. I think the moral to this is that it doesn't matter if you're so stupid that 'Stupid' is a prefix to your name, so long as your enemy is stupider than you.