Comic 87 - Page one.
29th Apr 2011 in Book one: Chapter five.
Page one.
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Author Notes:
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Panel by panel commentary:
1. Growing up with a father who was something of a fatalist, I actually have a resentment against the concept of fate. So why use it at all? Because this is a story, where all things actually are predetermined. Which is not really that good a thing when you look at what's happened.
2. Daisy, those are ugly stereotypes that just happen to be true in this individual case.
3. She is really lucky she didn't end up in the house of the witch up the road. That might have been awkward.
4. In case you're wondering what Daisy is talking about, please refer back to chapter 1 page 17.
5. While I try to avoid any modern cultural references as best I can, The Wizard of Oz is just so damn iconic I can't help it.
6. You'd think that water would have cooled off a little by now. Must be magic or something.
7. Don't deny it, Garvan, you were behind this all along! Weren't you??? (Also, the witch is referring to Hades when she says The Host of Many. It was one of the euphemisms the Greeks used for him).
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