Comic 83 - Page eighteen
9th Apr 2011 in Book one: Chapter four.
Page eighteen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Yes, so Sigmund is going to hell. Though it's not for the reasons we'd think it for since dragons have much different morals than us. Killing and eating humans? Not a problem morally, but most dragons avoid it because humans are clever bastards and usually will find ways of killing the dragon back in revenge. Torturing humans for fun? That one most dragons would agree is pretty sick, but plenty of dragons also would argue hell is too extreme. Some would say otherwise, but, basically, we're about the same as cows to them. No, the problem, in dragon society, was that he killed his own mother and didn't even eat any of the meat. He totally left it all to rot. Wasting food is a serious sin.

Though the question is then why is Sigmund being visited by the devil in human form? Because... he likes humans? Irony? I don't know.
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CyberSkull edit delete reply
Classic bait & switch. Does he have to willingly enter it's embrace?