Comic 81 - Page sixteen
3rd Apr 2011 in Book one: Chapter four.
Page sixteen
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Author Notes:
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Panel by panel commentary:
1. No, he's not comfortable. He's already seen that horrible link from last page's commentary.
2. And here we're about to enter into a classic conundrum. As you can see, Quincy is revealing to us, the audience, that he has a hidden weapon under his sleeve. This seems moronic, unfortunately, because what's to stop Sigmund from looking back and seeing what he's doing? (The fact that trying to stab a dragon is also moronic is another matter). However, comics are a visual medium. In a book I could describe how Quincy carefully felt under his sleeve inconspicuously to carefully pull out his dagger without the dragon's notice and carefully described the apparatus used for holding the concealed weapon in place. If I tried doing that with, say, a narration box, then I'd be told to 'show, don't tell'. THEN AGAIN, I could have avoided this totally by foreshadowing the hidden weapon by having Quincy equip it before leaving or by hiding the dagger some other place. I could argue that the way I did it lets me surprise you, the audience. I have to be honest, I just didn't think of it before. Ass pull.
3. Also, you'd think that Sigmund would feel that something is going on there.
4. Daisy sees what I did here, and would like to complain.
5. Random fact, girls born on the Epiphany (January 6) traditionally were often named Tiffany.
6. Daisy brings up a valid point, but I'm sure you can guess Garvan's real reasons.
7. Damn it, Sigmund, you're making this difficult to not think the worst.
8. Aaand this is exactly why I picked Quincy and not Ted for this role. Ted, while I love the little butt monkey, has not yet learned how to take an active role in his own destiny. Quincy knows how, but really didn't want to since it generally leads to situations like this. Ted, on the other hand, would be running scared like a rabbit through this whole thing. ALSO, if you haven't guessed it before, I neither confirm nor deny that Quincy is right here. It doesn't prove who Daisy's real father is, but it does explain why Ray punched Ted in the face when he heard Daisy was supposedly dead.
9. Did I mention stabbing a dragon is a really bad idea?
User comments:
FFAA edit delete reply
love the comments, love the comic.
that's it, i'm opening a thread for this comic.
DaeBrayk edit delete reply
Ah, look, the end of the archive OMG I am WEEPING TEARS OF NARRATIVE SATISFACTION!!! D= Sooo good. Really, this whole thing was just...I mean, honestly, I didn't even realize how low my standards for webcomics were until I read this. I would try to tell you how much I enjoyed this comic, but it has risen above and beyond any comic comparison I could ever make. This is the best webcomic, and saying that doesn't even do it justice.

Five? "Good"? That would be an insult.
Dundee (Guest) edit delete reply
That's it? That's all there is? Phooey. Well, I'mma gonna keep my eye on you. This is amazing and I can't wait to see more.
Salty edit delete reply
Oh, I'm finished.

Koeb edit delete reply
Oh gosh, I'm going to start blushing. Thank you so much for all your kind comments, everyone!