Comic 74 - Page nine.
12th Feb 2011 in Book one: Chapter four.
Page nine.
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Good god, what is that thing in panel five? Well, it's an ant-lion. Before you groan and roll your eyes at the bad visual pun, this is an actual thing that exists in medieval folk lore. Depending on what bestiary you referred to, an ant-lion is either a large insect who hunts ants (much like a doodlebug), or the offspring of an ant and a lion. I've read a lot of strange things in mythology, but this is way way up there in wtf territory.

It gets better, as the second ant-lion described had a lion head and ant body, it only craved meat but could only digest grain. (A bit like a panda subsists on bamboo but can't digest it well, but more retarded). So the ant-lion starves to death. Though I think it's still a good deal smaller than I depicted it, but no matter.
User comments:
Kristy edit delete reply
Hahaha, brilliant.

I say, those wolves are so proper!
Salty edit delete reply
Panel 5 is the best.
Koeb edit delete reply
Ant-Lion is a crime against nature. And that's why I love it.
JRChace edit delete reply
This page had me laughing like crazy. This comic is awesome XD
Koeb edit delete reply
Thank you very much ^^