Comic 73 - Page eight.
4th Feb 2011 in Book one: Chapter four.
Page eight.
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Fairy folk are a mixed bag, (or rather 'faerie' if you want to be cool). The definition of what one is is going to vary a lot depending on what source you're drawing from. I'm sure we're all familiar with the Victorian version of the fairy, a pretty, kind-hearted, young girl with insect wings glued to her back.

What Daisy is referring to when she asks if she's going to be forced to make milk is from much older mythology. I guess the Victorians forgot how often fairies liked to kidnap people. Babies made up the bulk of targets, but adults were also often spirited away. The motives varied, but the need of a wet nurse for fairy babies was one of them.

Fairies also threw some great parties, though you don't really want to stumble onto one. Any people who did usually ended up dancing themselves to death or sickness.
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This is the best comic on this site.

excepted mine obviously ;)
Jokes aside mate you need to start a thread on the shameless advertising and tell the people they are missing out, you deserve far more views.
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Well, obviously none can compare to your brilliance.

And sure, why not?