Comic 70 - Page five.
26th Jan 2011 in Book one: Chapter four.
Page five.
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete

Quincy, while lacking any formal education or knowledge, has always been a bright person. Sure, he probably thinks the world is flat and that you should toss spilled salt over your shoulder (to blind any bad spirits behind you), but he has a sharp eye for detail and a photographic memory. This is actually very handy for a farmer, as he daily needs to manage his crops against pests, know when to condition the soil and with what, keep track of weather patterns, etc. As such, he usually has good harvest years.
User comments:
Dundee (Guest) edit delete reply
Quincy is a fabulous character. I can tell how his crabby-older-brother schtick ran away from you and forced him into being a hero. Heh, fancy, a peanut-headed farmer is more of a hero than his dashing young soldier brother. I love it!
Koeb edit delete reply
Fiction needs more heroes who aren't pretty!