Comic 67 - Page dos.
26th Jan 2011 in Book one: Chapter four.
Page dos.
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Author Notes:
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Commentary by panel
1. Why is there sausage on their wall?
2. Everyone has their own expression that is most enjoyable to draw. For Quincy, it's 'pissed off'.
3. Quincy has suddenly aged 20 years.
4. These boots were made for walking, and that's just what he'll do.
5. Stanford subconsciously tunes out anything bad said about himself or his closest family members (mainly Ray for some reason).
6. You tell 'em, Quincy.
7. I was going to just let Quincy stay on his farm and not do anything for the rest of the story, until I realized he's much brighter than most the cast and has less negative qualities.
8. As much as Quincy would like to ignore the problem, he wouldn't sleep at night if he left a poor cripple girl be lost god knows where. Even though she's apparently able to beat the crap out of things still.
9. Quincy still loves them all though, if only out of obligation.