Comic 52 - Page nine.
25th Jan 2011 in Book one: Chapter three.
Page nine.
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Author Notes:
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First off, it should be noted that the witch isn't gay, at least not in the way that we think of it. Lily has no preference for gender, and has been that way her entire life. Additionally, neither one of them enjoyed this experience. What with Lily smelling of vomit and bodily odors and the witch forcing her to give up her kid in exchange for not dying.

Extra commentary, by panel:
1- Dumah, is the angel of silence and of the stillness of death in Rabbinical literature. Though his function seems to be to remind people of their names so they can move on to the next life. I just really like how 'the angel of silence' sounds, so I borrowed him for my own purposes.
2- This is Ray's sexy pose. He will now do a sexy dance.
3- I tried to make Lily's mouth look like a fish's gasping for breath here.
4- Evil Witch brand spirits. 10 percent alcohol, it puts the life back in you!
5-In Rapunzel, her dad made a deal with a witch basically in exchange for his unborn child. The mother was never consulted. Why? Pfft, women didn't have any rights, not even to their kids. The husband owned everything.
6- Farmer Brown looks anxiously on, glad his mother-in-law, (who was looking after Lily while he was away), is asleep.
7- I have no idea if there really is a connection between the etymology of "spirit" and "soul kissing", but I doubt it. Also, I made up the magical stuff. However, in ancient Roman times, when a loved one died, it was a common practice to kiss their dying or recently deceased lips in order to capture some of their escaping breath, or spirit.
8- You'd think with her profession, Lily would be a much better liar than this.
9- I've been waiting weeks to use this line, but now it just comes off sort of icky. I mean, no wonder Lily left him.
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That last line... oh my, the humour in this thing is quality. :D