Comic 44 - Page one.
25th Jan 2011 in Book one: Chapter three.
Page one.
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Author Notes:
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I thought long and hard on what religion the people of this world should follow. After all, what people do or don't believe makes up a huge part of how they behave. I was tempted to use plain old Christianity, as the setting is a European type fantasy. While I am an agnostic, I think it's an interesting religion. Not only the stuff actually in the bible, but all the history behind it.

However, given the tone and nature of the comic, I decided not to. I'd either end up offending people or somehow sounding like I was preaching about beliefs that I do not have. (Again, I'm an agnostic through and through). So, instead, I decided to do what practically every other fantasy writer has done and made up a religion. Being me, I had to write it in the most retarded terms possible. Not out of disrespect for religion, but out of love.

That being said, I'd like to make a comment on creation myths throughout the world. If you've read enough of them, you'll realize they almost all have the same thing in common. That at the start of the universe there was basically nothing. Then either there's a god or spirit who existed along with the nothing from the beginning or an original being (or set of beings) who spring forth from the nothing. Or, if not gods, land itself emerges first. The hows and whys of the universe being made vary from there.
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Well. This sounds like the most awesome religion ever.