Comic 182 - Page Eight
27th Mar 2017 in Finale
Page Eight
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Oops, I accidentally uploaded this to Skypunch. Guess I was being a little absent minded.

Page by page commentary:
1. Ah, fog and the blur filter really make distant backgrounds easier.
2. While sleeping in the bushes doesn't provide much in the way of warmth, or shelter from the elements, or protection against instects/fairies, it is great for... I don't know actually. Why are you sleeping in the bushes, Daisy?
3. I honestly had a whole storyline planned out for the future (past?) timefuck chapter, but my hands seriously refused to draw it. So screw it, we're going the Dallas route.
4. I'm pretty sure it has been literal years, but I haven't actually checked. It would likely depress me to know.
5. There are times when I want to play with how malleable the face can be, but then I just end up with this and I hang my head in shame.
6. At least I didn't make you a white person in ancient Egypt, who plays card games, in your past life.
7. Let the fan theories begin.
8. Listen to the MST3K mantra, it will save your sanity.
9. I can't really speak for amputees, whether organic or robotic limb replacement would be preferable. I guess both would have advantages.
User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
Thank the gods it was just a dream! For a while there I worried that I was totally misremembering the comic! So happy to see Daisy back in her own world, lol. Yay for the Dallas Maneuver.

Sorry the future storyline didn't quite work out for you.
Koeb edit delete reply
Now I kind of feel like a jerk. Sorry for trolling your perception of reality.

And no worries, we all have bad ideas from time to time. I just try to move forward and keep doing stuff until I find something good.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
So we're at one full recursion now?
Koeb edit delete reply
Or possibly a few inceptions.