Comic 171 - Page Seventeen
12th May 2013 in Book two: Chapter Two
Page Seventeen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Okay, before I get anyone's hopes up, this series is still cancelled. I'm not some jerk who is doing a very belated April fools joke. I'm some jerk who decided that this story at least deserves to have its last chapter finished, seeing as how there's only 2-3 more pages left. I'll draw those out, then provide a non-comic form epilogue.

Panel by panel commentary:
1. This wasn't how I originally planned the last few pages of the chapter to go, but I somehow like this better...
2. For when you have no better ideas, Monty Python reference.
3. Actually, given how much historians can obsess over individuals, it probably has driven people crazy that all of Ted's personal life we know about comes from the occasional mention in his codex of monsters and an unfinished autobiography. The reason I wrote it the way I did, though, was because we see Old Ted writing in his codex in the last intermission and I needed to establish that he wrote a lot more on things like antlions, tigerhawks, and vampires than himself.
4. SYMBOLISM! *throws hands in air* Metaphors!
5. Also he wanted to write something about his kids that he never had the chance to know.
6. This angel is really sending mixed messages.
7. That's okay, Ted, your god doesn't believe in a god either.
8. Look, Ted, I'm not sending you the most horrifying possible psychopomp you could personally imagine out of anger. I'm doing it because it's hilarious.
9. Hell really is other people fused together into one terror-angel.
User comments:
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Well, this is worse than any torment I could think of.
Koeb edit delete reply
Hell? Brimstone? No, that's too impersonal.

Other people, now that's Hell.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Hell isn't other people, it's your family with unfixable dysfunctions.
Koeb edit delete reply
You got me there.
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Yikes, if i had that thing sitting on my shoulder, I'd sure as hell listen to the devil on my other.
Koeb edit delete reply
In this case, you get your angel and devil all in one convenient package!
KK-sis edit delete reply
Somehow, I can't complain about AMT being cancelled when that means it gets to end with a horrible Stan/Ray ghost fusion... So glad this chapter will be finished at least~
Koeb edit delete reply
Somehow Ray and Stan sharing one body makes everything better...