Comic 170 - Page Sixteen.
18th Apr 2013 in Book two: Chapter Two
Page Sixteen.
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Panel by panel commentary:
1. There was a background here at one point in time, but it got cut to save time.
2. As a mythology enthusiast, I enjoy the gag of a cooked griffin. As an artist, I enjoy drawing stupid looking beasts. As a chef-in-training, all I can think is that bird must be really REALLY dry, as its mass would require a very long cooking time in order to render it safe for consumption. I don't even want to consider the size of the oven they must need.
3. "Okay, who put gum on my piano??"
4. Ted is curious about what goes on in a kitchen.
5. Turns out the kitchen is full of the smell of pork and possibly romance, but mostly pork.
6. It's like they say, sex isn't a big deal until you're not having it. Unless you have little to no sex drive. Too bad for Ted he has one like mine!
7. Luna: Hey, is it my time to have a personality yet?
Me: No, now continue being nothing but a love interest for the white male protagonist.
Luna: I thought you were a feminist.
Me: I'm very bad at it.
8. Go home, Luna. You are drunk. Wait...
9. Orange: So I hear that there is a sock that needs to be blocked.
User comments:
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Poor Ted, he's got a bit of a Betty and Veronica situation going on.
Koeb edit delete reply
You mean he has two girls who (possibly?) like him for reasons nobody understands?
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
I was going with more of the blonde or burnette dilemna.
Koeb edit delete reply
I'd say it's more a dilema of "Illiterate but within my class" vs "Can read what I write but I will be castrated for touching her."
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Quite the quandary. I suppose teaching her to read might involve some difficulty with Ted's inability to speak.