Comic 164 - Page Ten
11th Feb 2013 in Book two: Chapter Two
Page Ten
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
The amazing thing about havign a job is how all of a sudden it'll be Monday and you have no idea how it got to be that day.

Panel by panel commentary:
1. "When will sleep aids be invented?"
2. I wonder if bad Yodic poetry sounds like regular spoken English.
3. For those wondering what these books are referencing (from top to bottom):
The Green Night- A bad pun on The Green Knight, an old poem about Sir Gawain making out with both the lord of some castle and the lord's wife.
Merde! Merdin!- The name "Merlin" comes from the Welsh name "Myrddin", which kind of sounds like the French word for shit (merde). Naturally, the French (or Gaston Paris specifically), thought it would be a better idea to go with the Latinized spelling (Merlinus) to avoid all the obvious poop jokes. What's French for "That wizard sure is crappy."?
Bee Wolf- Because Beowulf means Bee Wolf and I'm a dork who finds that funny. By the way, for those English speakers, I highly recommend the Seamus Heaney translation of the epic Anglo-Saxon poem.
Malagigi is a wizard from the fictional tales of Charlemagne. He is also known as Maugris. I personally think Malagigi should be the name of a cologne for men.
Bear of Uther: King Arthur's dad had one of the coolest names I've ever heard: Uther Pendragon. King Arthur's name just meant something like bear man or bear king or guardian of the bear or who knows what. I guess King Arthur was really really hairy.
The Oddessy: A much odder version of the Odyssey.
There and Back Again: Otherwise known as The Hobbit. Either a version of Tolkien exists in this universe, or hobbits do. Take your pick.
Song of Solomon, the extended cut: If you have a torah or bible handy, go read the Solomon's Song of Songs. It's all about sex.

4. Are sonnets that actually that hard to write? I don't know.
5. It's Willy, the happy W!
6. I'm suddenly having flashbacks of college English.
7. Secretly, I am trying to encourage you all.
8. Maybe you shouldn't actually read that Song of Solomon then, teacher guy...
9. You know what rhymes with Orange? Blorenge. It's a hill in Wales. Apparently this is the only perfect rhyme in English for orange. I just wanted you guys to know that.
User comments:
CyberSkull edit delete reply
This is why I didn't pursue a literature degree.
Koeb edit delete reply
Same here. That's why I'm going for culinary right now.
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Well, sonnets tend to have a definite rhyming scheme in iambic pentameter (thats a fun term to say) and have 14 lines. Shakespeare loved these things, and wrote over 100 of them. I don't know if that makes them the hardest think to write, but its probably takes a little more effort than something that starts with "There once was a man from Peru..."
Koeb edit delete reply
Neat, thanks for that tidbit.
I wonder what a five year old would even write about.

"I Don't Wanna Go to Bed," by Karl Piper
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
"I dont want to go to bed,
There're monsters there
Slobbering to be fed.
I really dont dare,
To face such a scare
And hide under covers in dread."
Koeb edit delete reply
That's a good one.
Yeah, it just wasn't cute anymore when he hit those awkward teen years and started writing stuff like "Nobody Understands Me" and "Does She Like Like Me?"
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Nobody likes an angsty teenager. Except other angsty teenagers.
Prickly_Harpy edit delete reply
<<Ce sorcier est très merdique.>>
That would be french for ''This wizard is very crappy'', for there isn't a french equivalent for ''sure is'', and <<sorcier>> would be more accurately ''sorcerer'', but I don't know any other word for <<wizard>>.
Koeb edit delete reply
I must remember this for later.