Comic 160 - Page Six
13th Jan 2013 in Book two: Chapter Two
Page Six
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Panel by panel commentary:
1. Can anyone tell who that man in the archway is?
2. My old foe, we meet again... Perspective!
3. Because if there's anything that manga has taught me, it's that there's nothing more hilarious than sexual harassment. Especially if it's being done to a guy who has been accidentally transformed into a female by some means. Wait, no, that's awful.
4. Hey, we all need a hobby in our life. The Young Mistress's hobby is training hunks.
5. Come to think of it, how long did it take for Ted to learn? What year is this? WHAT COUNTRY ARE THEY IN? I really should pay more attention to this stuff when I write...
6. And maybe you should stop bringing so much temptation into the household. You ever think of that?
7. Or rather, like two horn-dogs looking to make the beast with two backs.
8. You're not fooling anybody, honey.
9. So, I used to do elder care for this older woman, who I will not name. She had trouble getting about on her own, so sometimes I'd lend her my arm on walks. Except then she would act kind of creepy and rub my arm and talk about how she loved young skin. I would simply smile and tell myself she was only being nice.

User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
Poor Ted. Wait, what am I saying?

Nice-lookin' composition, character, inking, shading, details... a lot of work, seems like.
Koeb edit delete reply
All things considered, it's still an improvement to his old life.

You know, I switched to black and white to save time... but then I put extra effort into it to compensate for not having color. I'm not actually saving that much time here.
dpat57 edit delete reply
Yeah that was what I was thinking... try to keep your natural overachiever self under control! :)
Koeb edit delete reply
I can't! D:
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
She probably wanted to knit a nice tea cozy out of your skin.
Koeb edit delete reply
I'd believe it. And then use the leftover skin for a stylin' new hat.
zippi_bird edit delete reply
Nice high angle on that first row middle panel! I'm trying to draw an interior of a carrige too, and it's driving me insane, but you aced it!
The old lady makes the scheming dowgar of Downton Abbey look like a sweet granny.
Koeb edit delete reply
It drove me kind of crazy too, and I was basically just drawing a box.

I think the two should have tea and plot total domination.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Ted speaks volumes in the last panel.
Koeb edit delete reply
It's basically how I feel when significantly older men hit on me.