Comic 159 - Page Five
3rd Jan 2013 in Book two: Chapter Two
Page Five
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Thanks to everyone for the kind support I got in the last page. Here is some panel by panel commentary.

1. And this is why you should never eat sound effects. They don't mix well with booze.
2. The other name I thought of using was Lord Munchencrunch. I chose Coxburn because it's a real last name.
3. Lady Scarlett's maiden name is Kuntz.
4. Because Mr. Codpiece Lord Coxburn isn't going to remember any of this.
5. After witnessing his mother's, and later Ray's, alcoholism, Ted chose to never drink. He only got drunk once, however, when he had some fruit juice that fermented too long. He didn't enjoy the experience.
6. Yep, that's totally a face you can trust.
7. I think that guy should stick to being called Mr. Codpiece.
8. In a bar, that guy would have been cut off already. This isn't a bar and you can't cut off a noble.
9. Judging by the level of brightness behind Ms. Orange, the drunken nobles have apparently thought it delightful to set a bonfire in the living room. That or it's just easier than drawing a background.
User comments:
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
It's not a party until there's a structure fire.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Fire loves structure! All the better to burn down!
Koeb edit delete reply
Sad to say they're not actually burning the place down.
Koeb edit delete reply
No kidding. Now let's break out the marshmallows.
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Psh, buncha frilly shirted squares.