Comic 150 - Intermission 01
12th Oct 2012 in Book two: Chapter One
Intermission 01
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
The Codex of Ted is a 2000 page tome that details his observations about witches, undead, demons, fey, ogres, trolls, gargoyles, beasts, and the deadly unicorn. The book was found thirty some years after his death, by a traveling priest who belonged to a special order of 'exorcists'. This man brought the book back to his order, where the Codex of Ted was copied and sent to other branches of the order.

Many myths sprung up around this man named "Ted", who spoke only a little about his origins. The popular notion of him became that he was born a farmer, and a mute, who took up the sword after a witch decimated his family. Eventually, he became a popular peasant hero figure with writers and story tellers of the steam punk era, and is often depicted as a youth with very long hair.

(Part one of my Halloween special. I know it's... gasp... PROSE! and not a comic, but give it a chance? For me? )
User comments:
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Prose?! Where are the little people in boxes talking to each other?!

Well, ok, I guess I can give this outside-the-box thinking a try...
Koeb edit delete reply
Ha, I love my readers. You guys make me laugh.
dpat57 edit delete reply
Quite readable actually, and with funky book margin graphics too.
Koeb edit delete reply
Glad to hear it. I wanted to show how Ted's talents would develop and also do an illuminated manuscript of sorts at the same time.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
I love the choice of "Ted" as the author.
Koeb edit delete reply
We finally get to hear what he's like internally.