Comic 149 - Page eighteen
5th Oct 2012 in Book two: Chapter One
Page eighteen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
College, all your free time belongs to it. Instead of another apology for the constant delays, how about some fun time with motivations. We all do things for a reason, even if they're not good reasons. What motivates our eccentric cast of characters?

Daisy: Has a very strong desire to be the protector, a knight in shining armor. Will actively ignore things she is incapable of sometimes.

Ted: Just wants to be loved, either by his family, as a friend, or by a woman. Will do just about anything for people who love him, partly out of a fear of rejection.

Ray: Mainly gratifying himself.

Stan: God.

Quincy: He was forced into the role of care giver at a young age due to neglectful parents. So, even though he doesn't like it, he feels like he has to take care of everyone otherwise bad things will happen.

Wilbur: When he was still in his right mind? First it was trying to make his marriage work and then it was trying to make being a dad work.

Lily: Being sexy, to the point where it became an all consuming need. Despite her efforts to control herself sexually, she was unable to ever say no.
User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
Cold fear gripped me when I saw that last panel. I need to get out more. But, another nicely done page.
Koeb edit delete reply
Yes, go. Frolic. It's a nice day out. Though I live in the tropics so it's always nice here...
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Fratricide probability sharply clibming to 1 in the last panel.
Koeb edit delete reply
The body count is starting to get high here.
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
She's givin off strong Terminator vibes there.
Koeb edit delete reply
Now I have the Terminator theme song playing in my head...
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
You're welcome.