Comic 145 - Page Fourteen
25th Aug 2012 in Book two: Chapter One
Page Fourteen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Panel by panel commentary:
1-4: Originally, Stan was going to have some dialogue along the lines of "prayer will save me!" but I liked it better silent.
5: It is a sign, that I've been rewatching Animaniacs lately.
6: To be fair, Ray, you didn't directly kill him. You just felt your well being was more important than his and so knowingly put him in a position of jeopardy. Still pretty terrible.
7: Captain McBeardy is so shocked by this turn of events, he switched position with Ray! (I somehow didn't notice this one until after I was slapping on text).
8: Oh no, he's bleeding internally. Quickly, someone get the leaches!
9: Asking Ray not to cry? Heck, I don't think he'll even feel that bad about it anymore in a week or so.
10: At least he died happy??
User comments:
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Poor Stan.
Koeb edit delete reply
Let us all take a moment to pause and remember.

*cheesy music plays*

OnePlusOne (Guest) edit delete reply
C'mon, Ray, it is kind of funny; you just got to have a sense of humor. Look at that hole and look at your brother's broken body. It is worth a chuckle at the very least. It is okay; it is what Stan would have wanted. If he had not died painfully from that fall, I am sure he would be la-- chuckling too.

((Ever notice how not using contractions makes everything sound worse? Is it just me?))
Koeb edit delete reply
At the very least, it's worth some horror laughter. When things are so horrible, your only reaction is to laugh in order to save your sanity.

(Yeah, I see what you mean. To me it seems like people don't tend to use contractions unless they're emphasizing something, trying to sound more dignified, or you happen to be Data.)
dpat57 edit delete reply
At least he expired with a smile on his face and sense of accomplishment. Also, he returns as a ghost. Win!
Koeb edit delete reply
See? I'm not a complete bastard.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
So he was just invulnerable enough to have a painful lingering death instead of an instant one.

Why is he haunting his brother instead of hanging out with his goddess and having the sexy hot divine lovings?
Koeb edit delete reply
He probably would have walked away just fine if the drop was 10-20 feet shorter.

That's a good question, and it should be answered in the next page or so.