Comic 135 - Page four
15th Jun 2012 in Book two: Chapter One
Page four
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
This week's Late Comic Excuse goes to.... Drum roll, please...
A winning combination of celebrating my anniversary with my fiance and playing Pikmin 2. Not all on the same night.

I'd do my panel by panel commentary here, but the whole page boils down to I watch too many documentaries. The occasional surgical program included.

I'm sorry for the mood whiplash, I have to learn to drive my plot smoother. I didn't want Daisy having legs to be an easy thing. I felt that such a change in the character should come at a cost, and high one. There will be more fleshing out later, but this gives the broad strokes in the meantime.
User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
Real legs! Go Daisy! I thought they were maybe recycled furniture. Them mermaids are good gals.

Happy anniversary!
Koeb edit delete reply
I considered some sort of wooden mechanical contraption, but then termites would become her Achilles heel.

And thanks ^^
CyberSkull edit delete reply
What happens if she goes to the beach, river, lake or puddle out back?
Koeb edit delete reply
No, the mermaids only gave her their set of human legs. They kept their fish tails for themselves. So Daisy stays normal in water. Although she does get a +2 to swimming.