Comic 129 - Page Nineteen
24th Apr 2012 in Book one: Chapter six.
Page Nineteen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
So ends book one. I don't think I managed to wrap anything up here, and I think I made dozens of visual continuity errors in the backgrounds throughout the run of this series, but I at least set up how I want things to go in book two. It will be better planned, (rather than it being my Id running wildly across the pages), and draw the story to a close.

UNFORTUNATELY, after next week's intermission, I will no longer be able to do the story in color like everyone loves. College is coming and I'm preparing for my inevitable loss of free time. Them's the breaks, folks. I'll at least try to make it still interesting visually.

That is all.
User comments:
Ryan C. edit delete reply
Ryan C.
Oh no, creepy albino rabbit is back.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
I am lead to understand that that is actually normal rabbit coloring.
Koeb edit delete reply
Ah yes, true. He just happens to be albino looking as a human-fey, apparently.
Koeb edit delete reply
Crap, I accidentally fell into the Evil Albino trope!
Systematic Jerk #42 (Guest) edit delete reply
Damn the breaks! Damn the breaks to hell.
Koeb edit delete reply
CURSE THEM! I really don't want to stop doing this in color, but I must be practical.
rokulily edit delete reply
ahaha new toy!

also she clearly doesn't understand the brilliant logic of beards
Koeb edit delete reply
Personally I think Wilbur should grow it to Zeus like proportions.
dpat57 edit delete reply
Congrats for ending book one!

Damn you, college, damn you to heck! But I'm willing to accept B/W art in exchange for the chuckles I get from this comic. :) Keep up the good work, when you can.
Koeb edit delete reply
Thanks! Now if only I had it published in actual book form.

Yes... in time I will be Nurse Koeb. Then I will be one step closer to being Mad Scientist Koeb. THEN I WILL HAVE MINIONS TO COLOR FOR ME MWAHAHAHA