Comic 125 - Page fifteen
24th Mar 2012 in Book one: Chapter six.
Page fifteen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
And so we see the final time Garvan and The Witch meet. I probably could have used a whole chapter to draw their magic battle, but, in the interest of time, cut it down to one.
User comments:
Danger Schade edit delete reply
Danger Schade
500 page high-fantasy comic book magic battle? I think yes.
Koeb edit delete reply
Yes! There will be explosions everywhere.
CyberSkull edit delete reply
Aw, she ruined the song!

So if the farmer's firstborn, her child, is a hero does that mean it is the hero that will kill her? In childbirth or later in life?
Koeb edit delete reply
Yeah I know!

...That would be horribly ironic.
rokulily edit delete reply
hm, he found a new toy?

also wanted to say that this comic is really just amazing
Koeb edit delete reply
Yes, something like that.

And thank you.