Comic 120 - Page ten.
9th Feb 2012 in Book one: Chapter six.
Page ten.
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Author Notes:
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Panel commentary:
1. Considering how few people actually seem to like Ray in universe, one has to wonder why Stanford seems to think so highly of him. Then again, Stan isn't quite right in the head.
2. Personally I think the Captain is exaggerating, but only slightly. Raymond really isn't a nice person when you get down to it, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have fun writing him. Maybe it's because he doesn't care what people think of him. Or maybe it lets me unleash my inner bastard without having to be mean to any actual people.
3. You bring up an excellent point, Captain.
4. There was a time when people didn't understand how the world worked. People used to believe that anything bad that happened to a person, even something as random as being struck by lightning, was because they had done something wrong and God was punishing the person for it. So you have to wonder, with that mindset, what would people think after they had done something socially unacceptable and not received any major karma for it.
5. Ray will obey Captain Kinda-looks-like-Riker, if only because he enjoys being paid.
6. I really didn't mean for this guy to look like a darker skinned version of Commander Riker. Although Riker is pretty awesome.
7. While our society cherishes rags-to-riches stories, there's an important thing to remember about fairy tales. People mostly stayed within their class. Cinderella was of noble birth, and became an even better noble. Hansel and Gretel were born peasants and stayed peasants. They just became wealthier peasants. I think Thumbelina may be an exception, as her adoptive mom was a peasant, but it was still a story of "stick to your own kind". Unfortunately there was not a lot of upward mobility going on.
8. Naturally Nameless Captain thinks this is a BS excuse, and is probably right. Ray counters with the power of anachronisms.
9. We probably should be still able to see Ray in this frame, which makes me think Ray is backing away slowly.
User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
I was forced against my will to read your comic from end to end, and am glad I did. Great characters, smart/fun dialogue and narration throughout, really like your style. A most excellent job!
Koeb edit delete reply
All your time now belongs to me, MWAHAHAHA!

Though, seriously, thank you very much.