Comic 118 - Page eight
21st Jan 2012 in Book one: Chapter six.
Page eight
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Panel by panel commentary:
1. Those bats did say they'd come back and deal with Daisy later. Apparently they meant in her nightmares.
2. I'm not sure how much I should fear something that is apparently disintegrating from the mouth outward.
3. Sorry, Daisy, no time for you right now. We need more adventures of Quincy.
4. You'd think Ted would have learned something by now.
5. Ted: "How the hell did she manage to punch me like that when she was laying on her stomach?"
6. Have you ever had that brief moment when you wake up from a dream where your mind still thinks you're in the dream?
7. Ted: Hey.
8. Best friends forever. Or at least until they get middle aged and grow apart into two different people.
9. Daisy, remember to inhale as you speak.
User comments:
Alex (Guest) edit delete reply
Awwww, I love these two. My favorite characters.
Koeb edit delete reply
They make a great duo. Too bad they didn't get more time together on screen.
A comic fan (Guest) edit delete reply
Best page~ I love the relationship these two have.