Comic 115 - Page five.
30th Dec 2011 in Book one: Chapter six.
Page five.
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
I vowed to myself long ago not to succumb to Cerebus Syndrome too much in this comic. Often times I've re-written entire pages because they were too serious. While it's okay for a comedy to have serious moments, I'd like to keep the overall tone comedic (as dark as it may be).

This scene I couldn't make funny. You see, with Wilbur I wanted to play a little with the way men who are raped by women are generally depicted in fiction. That is, people don't treat it as being 'real rape'. In fact, it's sometimes even painted as comedic. So I wrote the whole scenario in a way that comes off as funny to the reader, (unless it touches on a painful topic, in which case I am deeply sorry to you), but not so comedic to the characters. Or at least Daisy is decent enough to treat it like a real crime.

If you want to see what I mean, imagine if Wilbur was a woman and the witch was a warlock. You wouldn't be laughing at THIS at all. You would probably be calling me a monster.

So, yeah, this page was actually incredibly depressing when I first wrote it out. I mean, look at poor Wilbur. His mind has retreated from the world after the horrifying incident. The only thing I was able to do was make it less depressing, by adding in some cheesy stuff about parental love. Rather than, you know, it just being about an old man who's been broken in half.

...I promise something funnier next time. I swear.

(Also South Park does a better job with satirizing the woman on man rape issue.)
User comments:
Curmudgy edit delete reply
Bit of a tackle. I'm working on a similar subject further up my own storyline (only my comic is certifiably boring). Still a decision whether to include it or not.

Edit: Forgot to mention that you're doing a great job at it.
Koeb edit delete reply
Thank you. Sometimes I worry about the lines I cross. I only want to push the envelope, not send it hurtling off the cliff.

Anyways, yeah, with these subjects, it's always tough to do. Inevitably you're going to offend someone, but you can't always let that stop you.