Comic 112 - Page two
1st Dec 2011 in Book one: Chapter six.
Page two
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Panel by panel commentary:
1. Paralleling this scene.
2. Ted: Ohh nobody knows the troubles I've seen. Nobody knooows my sorrows~ *Surprisingly deep voice*
3. As Melinda knows all too well, this isn't the first injury Ted has gotten for no good reason.
4. Ted wouldn't really want to talk about it, even if he could.
5. That's some damn ugly wallpaper.
6. Considering Melinda said she didn't know what to say, she ends up having a lot to actually say.
8. The black haired girl is from the scene I mentioned in #1. While hardly a pervert, Ted is a 20 year old male who has never even kissed a girl. He can't always help what he thinks.
9. Unfortunately he's also quite ashamed of those sort of thoughts.
User comments:
Danger Schade
Have you read The Yellow Wallpaper?
Koeb edit delete reply
Haha, I have actually.
Danger Schade
That story crept the heck out of me. Crept? Creeped? Anyway, THAT PAPER IN THAT COMIC.
Koeb edit delete reply
Apparently crept is the proper form, and creeped is the common slang form. I like using the slang one myself.

Anyways, yeah. Creepy story. Though I liked how it was a message on how essential doing something, ANYTHING, is to the human psyche. Otherwise wallpaper will drive us insane.
Danger Schade
Seriously. She wrote it after some doctor dude told her to do the same thing as the woman in the story. Except then she was like, "I'm going to go crazy. I'll become an author instead."
dealer edit delete reply
I can't tell what's funnier, the strip itself or the commentary.

Good show.
Koeb edit delete reply
As long as something entertains you.