Comic 105 - Page nineteen
30th Sep 2011 in Book one: Chapter five.
Page nineteen
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Author Notes:
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Panel by panel commentary:
1. After all, life is a somewhat subjective experience. What we find weird is only what's unfamiliar.
2. You see, witch, this is what happens when you rely on soothsaying to make your choices.
3. Garvan and the witch are starting to remind of an old dysfunctional married couple.
4. Hey, no pointing out my plot failures, Garvan! The audience can figure those out plainly for themselves.
5. The witch is currently on her phone, trying to find a better story to star in.
6. I don't really blame you for not wanting to travel with him, Daisy, but maybe wait until you're out of the witches house before telling Garvan to bugger off. The witch isn't in a good mood.
7. I was so tempted to cut out the background entirely here, just out of laziness.
8. And now.. we come to the witch's true form. I tried to hint at it here and there, that there's an uglier side she's constantly trying to fight off. So hopefully this doesn't come off as a complete turn out of nowhere.
9. Daisy, I know you're completely uneducated, but you have to at least know how halves work, right?
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8 and 9!