Comic 104 - Page eighteen
23rd Sep 2011 in Book one: Chapter five.
Page eighteen
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Author Notes:
Koeb edit delete
Took some slight inspiration from the gnostic poem Thunder, Perfect Mind, which likes to make use of conflicting descriptions to define the undefinable. Okay, so my comic is nothing like this. I just feel like sharing something interesting.

Edit: Oops, forgot to mention who the Norn and Moirae are. Basically they were both semi-divine figures who wove our fate. The Norn are Norse and the Moirae (more commonly known as 'the fates') are Greek. I would have liked to included more similar figures from other pantheons, but those were the only two that popped into my head at the moment.
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Oh hi
org (Guest) edit delete reply
Moirae is Greek. The Latin (Roman) name for the fates were the Fata, or Fatae.
Koeb edit delete reply
Oops. Thanks for correcting me.
Mashai (Guest) edit delete reply
This one won't display for me.