Comic 100 - Page fourteen
20th Aug 2011 in Book one: Chapter five.
Page fourteen
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Author Notes:
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Panel by panel commentary:
1. By Jove! It is an artifact of the great Lord MacGuffin! Okay, at some point I may explain how magic works in this world. But not this day.
2. If you notice, I severely messed up in the backgrounds. In page one of this chapter, you can clearly see that the entirety of the house is actually underneath the canopy of the tree. Here it appears she's above it. I would change it, if not for the fact I already did this area before in the same way. So I'm going to say the witch used her MacGuffin powers to move the house upwards and above the canopy.
3. You know, witch, I don't think that makes it any less of a soul-shattering act.
4. No, the witch isn't going to marry Farmer Brown. Daisy has an overactive imagination.
5. I don't know how the witch is going to deal with children if she can't handle Daisy.
6. The perspective on this bowl shames me.
7. Filler panel of dramatic closeup.
8. Yeah, it's still a bowl of water.
9. Be grateful that's not her rape face.