April fanart
by Koeb

Because I adore all fanart I get. Unless maybe it's porn. I wouldn't be bothered so much as deeply confused  by that.

Daisy as The Hero of Time:

One Facebook to rule them all!
by Koeb

Because I'm making more of an effort to make myself known, and possibly be able to sell my artwork in the process, I've made myself a facebook page where you can easily keep track of everything I do! At least artistically speaking


Happy Holidays!
by Koeb

I'm taking a break this week, so no comic. To make it up to you, I made you a card.

Back in town.
by Koeb

Safely I come home from the frozen North of California. Fun times were had, experiences gained, loot secured, and I also caught a fever. Comic uploads will resume the 18th as promised.

Koeb is leaving you.
by Koeb

 If you haven't caught the memo, I'm going off for vacation in little less than a week.  Worry not, I shall return the 18th with more comic goodness.